Trinchero Family Estates approached us to see if we could come up with a new innovative boxed wine package. The target audience for this project is millennials.

Team members: Grace Wirawan, Jonathan Duong, Jesse Yu, Junghwa Seo and team leader Ashley Frohlking.


This project is driven by the millennials and centers around experience. The following boxes each have their own concepts behind them, but all of them are targeted to millennials. We were given two brand names to work with– TruEarth and Juiced. From there we developed branding ideas, structure ideas, and more.



Millennials define themselves by their experiences. Since the target market of this project is towards millennials, we decided to embrace what the word experience means and how we can utilize it to market this box. The travel magazine box evokes two experiences in one. The first experience is from the graphics, inspired by the craving to go places and adventure. This evokes the emotion of wanderlust. The second experience is through the box structure itself. Since it provides 4 collapsible cups, you can take this box from the grocery store directly to your destination. This makes it so that consumers can create their own experience just by buying this product. This box is eco-friendly, stackable, has an easy stream nozzle, and does not need to be tilted to get your last drop of wine.



Discover yourself.

The compass design is all about navigation and exploration with the slogan “Discover Yourself”. This boxed wine is about sharing an experience and discovering new places. Since the TruEarth brand is all about giving millennials a sense of travel and wanderlust, this box is another ode to that mentality. This box is eco-friendly, stackable, has an easy stream nozzle, and does not need to be tilted to get your last drop of wine.



Millennials love fresh and new packaging, one that stands out from the crowd. Referring back to the saying “fine art is like fine wine” this concept opens up the opportunity to collaborate with an artist. While showcasing an artist’s select artworks, the use of organic paint strokes and multicolor background will establish JUICED as the exciting, bold, and cheerful boxed wine. Refreshingly innovative.

“Hashtag” by  Anya Spielman. The painting is dedicated to the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Juiced Box 1.jpg