P.001 - tetley tea




The goal of this project is to rebrand Tetley Tea and update their packaging for a more modern look while still holding their historic values. Their new packaging and branding needs to stand out amongst a sea of other teas, yet still looks like a tea box and not another product. Tetley Tea’s new rebrand and packaging features colorful illustrations that appeal to a wide target audience. The illustrations are meant to evoke a fresh taste as well as a vibrant excitement. It’s unique structure and modern look lets the packaging stand out against other teas.


Tea is marketed more towards the middle class and appeals to both men and women. In the past, tea was a female dominated market, however now 48.6% of men drink tea. 79.5% of tea is consumed at home. Tetley Tea is further marketed towards consumers who are environmentally conscious, but for the most part Tetley can be afforded by all. The Tetley Tea company begin back in 1837. Brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley began selling tea off the backs of their horses for several years. The goal of this project is to take the current brand in push them in an updated direction to attract more attention. The departure from the original designs, in structure and in illustration are meant to completely separate this box from other tea competitors as well as give more notice to Tetley Tea as a brand while keeping their values. The boxes are made from recyclable paper to remain eco-friendly.