Good Vibes was founded by Joani Blank who opened up the first store in 1977. Her entire goal was to create an atmosphere that was clean and friendly for people to shop. The current Good Vibrations branding is welcoming, yet very feminine and needs a new modern look to push their open minded attitude and to promote to all sorts of people.


Good Vibes believes in sexual education as well as creating a safe space for people of all walks of life to enjoy themselves. No one should be excluded from learning how to pleasure themselves or their partner. In the brand guidelines, Good Vibes shows this through their wide color palette and witty headlines. Sex isn’t a joke, but it’s something we can all have fun with. The front cover of the brand guideline booklet features a mirror board cover, meant to show the reflection of the reader. This promotes a subtle “self-reflection” moment. Good Vibes isn’t just a sex shop, they’re a wealth of knowledge and a place to help you feel comfortable.