P.004 - DIVVY




How do you make budgeting fun, especially for students and young adults? It was no easy feat; saving money is a daunting task to anyone, but especially millennials. It’s about saving money and learning strategies to do it.


The purpose of the app is not only to teach millennials how to budget, but also to reward them to encourage good budgeting habits. You can use the tips the app gives you in order to gain points for good budgeting habits and then turn them into e-Cash or giftcards. The design of the app is inspired by the attitude of the younger generation, an attitude that pushes the boundaries and is bright and fun. Many apps, especially financial, go for the minimilistic modern approachable design as it’s a safe bet. However, it’s quite tiresome and mundane to look at when already faced with a task that no one wants to do willingly.