Howie’s Game Shack is a gaming cafe that features console, PC and a few arcade games. There is a lot of energy at their cafe, but not in their brand. The goal of this project is to put back that life and energy and show what they stand for through a new logo and exciting secondary graphics.


Their new brand-mark and secondary graphics feature exciting vibrating colors and a digitally altered logo representing pixelation and glitches. With such a diverse range of gamers, this has given them the unique opportunity to build a tight-knit community. Whether it’s PC to console gaming, Howie’s is the place to play, as it was intended—interactively with others. Howie’s makes this possible by delivering quality equipment and access to any platform you can think of. That is why Howie’s Game Shack is the company for any age—a sixty year old could walk in and find a game to play.